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Soprano and Founder
of Cecilia Connecting Cultures

Sarah Längle

I was born and raised in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

My studies in classical singing led me to the Conservatory of the City of Vienna, where I took on first engagements in Vienna and Japan. My opera singing career then led me to Germany where I worked as a soloist at various theaters. There I had the good fortune to enact some of the great roles in my field. In recent years, my singing focus has shifted more to the concert stage. For more information, please go to my homepage (


I have always been interested in other people’s peculiarities, their differences and similarities. I was able to live out this interest on the opera stage by immersing myself in other characters and exploring and understanding the different stories and characters.

In 2015, this curiosity also led me to train as a life coach at the prestigious Dr.Bock Coaching Academy in Berlin, allowing me to explore different characters off stage as well. 

During the same year, my world also opened up towards China, where my Chinese colleague (now partner) provided me with the opportunity to both give concerts and teach. The curiosity and openness that I encountered in China and the immersion into a culture that had been foreign to me until then enriched me tremendously.

This experience has created in me a great desire to contribute to connecting the Chinese and the European cultures and, above all, to bring people closer together. Especially in today’s times, when the signs point more to separation than connections,  CECILIA CONNECTING CULTURES wants to build bridges, uncover commonalities and arouse curiosity for each other.

We started in 2017 with large classical New Year's concerts in the porcelain city of Jingdezhen. Musicians and singers from Europe and the surrounding area of Jingdezhen came together in an orchestra and performed both Western and Chinese works together. 

In 2019, the project was expanded to include concerts of small ensembles such as classical quartets, solo artists, as well as jazz and pop bands throughout the year.

And even though CECILIA CONNECTING CULTURES has so far primarily used music as a unifying language, we also welcome other art forms to realize our idea of connecting both cultures.

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