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New Years Concert 2018
Juan Carlos Arancibia Navarro
Flex Ensemble
Flex Ensemble Children's Concert
Duo Rambaldi
Eungkwang and Juyoung Lee
Rodolfo Bignardi Band
Rodolfo Bignardi Band
Liu Ying and her students
Piano Jazz concert
Hanna Sikasa Quartet
Alina and Vladimir Duo

Concerts in  2018/2019:

Das Taoxichuan New Years Orchestra

Juan Carlos Arancibia Navarro - Guitar (Peru)

Alina & Vladimir Duo - Violin, Piano (Russia)

Rodolfo Bignardi Band  (Italy)

Hanna Sikasa Quartet (Germany)

Rambaldi Duo - Cello, Piano (Germany/Italy)

Chen Shixuan - Jazz piano (China)

Eungkwang &  Zhouying Lee - Bariton/Soprano (South Korea)

Liu Ying & her students - Classical Singers (China)

Concerts in 2018/2019

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